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Atsukte Tsuraii

A little bit of information on the Gu-Pon-Gatana...
you know, gotta have summtin on them, cause they're so


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Name: Shishio Makoto
Nicknames: Hitokiri, Bandage freak, mummy boy
Shishio is a very important villian in Rurouni Kenshin. He is the inheritor of Battousai, but then the government used him and then shot him and burned him, but Shishiro still lives, and plans to take over. His girlfriend is Yumi, and his closest Ju-Pon is Soujiro.
He thinks that Earth is hell and that the fire of hell burns inside of him.
"The Meji government are the bad ones. They used me as they saw fit and then burned me...I'm a sedistic killer now." >Sishio to Soujiro

Name: Shoujiro Seta
Nicknames: Boy, Ten-Ken
Soujiro has no emotions except for enjoyment, but enjoyment in a sick way. I find this guy to be really creepy sometimes, just the way he smiles is so funk defied. He was abused as a child, but found Shishio and became "friends" with him. Shishio urged Soujiro to kill his "family" that was really horrible to him. Soujiro did and was trained by Shishio to be really strong (and fast!).
"Back then, you didn't protect me, back then, no one wanted to save me!">Soujiro to Kenshin

Name: Yumi
Nicknames: Yumi of the night
Yumi is the girlfriend of Shishio, rival of Kamatari and "friend" of Shoujiro. She gets along with no one except Shishio and Soujiro. (Shoujiro most likely is the only person who can put up with such bossyness and rudeness...)
She seems kinda stupid and pointless, but she does show that she has some brain. Yumi wears a red dress and has green lipstick.
"Lord Shishio is the only one allowed to touch me!">Yumi

Name: Hoji
Hoji is really annoying and admires Shishio way too much. He is the newest member of the Ju-Pon-Gatana. He thinks Yumi to be pointless and is just really annoying.
"I'm trembling with excitement that I get to build a country with such a powerful man!">Hoji

Name: Cho
Nicknames: Sword Loving Cho, Broom-head
Cho really likes swords...really likes to fight and kill with swords. He doesn't like people to get in his way and especially with swords.
"I don't like it when people mess with my collection!">Cho

Name: Iwanbo
Iwanbo is really fat and really stupid, litterally. He has no clue. He's stupid. I don't think I'll waste anymore space on him.
"I'm strong...I'm super-duper strong...">Iwanbo

Name: Anji
Nicknames: Rockbreaker
Anji is a priest that works in the Ju-Pon-Gatana. He uses Futae no Kiwami to fight and even taught it to Sanosuke. He hates the government because they burned his shrine and killed his friends.

Name: Usui
Usui was blinded by Shishio and wants to kill him, but still works in the Ju-Pon-Gatana. His fighting style is Ryuukyuu and he uses Shin Gan (Mind's eye). I don't like him cause he's a jerk.

Name: Hennya
Hennya is a bird-like man that uses dynamite to attack people an fly. He was defeated by Yahiko. His fighting style is Hikuu Hapa.
"I'm an honorable member of the Ju-Pon-Gatana and I get stuck babysitting.">Hennya to Yahiko

Name: Roujin/Fuji
Roujin is a "smart" old man that uses Fuji as his weapon. Fuji is a giant who was seen as a monster to everyone but Seijuro.
"Shishio is the best swordsman I've ever seen!">Roujin

Name: Kamatari
Nicknames: Kamatari the Oh-Gama (great sycthe)
Kamatari's weapon is scythe and chain, and he is a crossdresser too. He loves his beloved Shishio and seems to envy and even tease Yumi and Soujiro as well.
"Told ya. Everyone dies in the end.">Kamatari to Kaoru and Misao.

Look at the cool picture! Though Yumi looks freaky...

Shishiro: God! This woman gives me a headace!

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