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Atsukte Tsuraii

This page is devoted to all my beautiful bishounen.

Gotta keep 'em somewhere, right?

I'm a trainer!!!!


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BOOOOMM! In yo face

Ahhhh! Is that a hot dog stand over there?

no one loves me

Lalalalala see this? It's mine, all mine

Lay off the crack, Orphen

Yeah, don't gimme some Budwieser you'll get more a dat, sucker!

He looks like a punkin pie!

damn! stupid exploding ketchup bottles...

green...too much green...AHHH!!!! He's a leprechan...

Here I come to save the day! Oh wait, I'm not Kenshin.

Look! He think's he's so special that he gets a blue box to be in!

Hmpf! I wanted to pilot the Eva. Stuuupid Shinji.

Ooooo...wazzat? Shiny metal object...

my eye! my EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I caught him! heeeeee!!!

Hot dog, Ice cream, steak. So much food, so little time!

I'm a sexy bitch, and you arn't!

look at my long sword! he he

It's gonna rain! Heh...I'm listening to that song now...can you say obsession?????

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