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Atsukte Tsuraii
Misao's Page

This is a page all about Misao Makimachi...


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Name: Misao Makimachi
Nicknames: Weasel Girl, Misao-chan
Age: 16
Birthdate: November, 1863 (she'd be dead by now...)
Weapons: Tobikunai, Kenpo, Ke-cho kick

Misao is currently the self-proclaimed Okashir(leader)of the Oniwabanshu. Her father was an Oniwabanshu, but died when she was really little. Aoshi and the rest of the gang took care of her and taught her how to fight, and was taken care of mostly by Hannya and Aoshi, who was the Okashira of the Oniwabanshu at the time. When Aoshi went all insane like, Misao became the Okashira, but no one seemed to mind that much.
Misao is definitly a stubborn tomboy (but she's sensitive, and don't forget unless you want the Kyoto Oniwabanshu yelling at you!)who can act really silly at times, but she really is a responisble person, espicially when she became Okashira of Oniwabanshu. She can be rude and even seem mean, but you know, she can be nice. She's pretty funny and adds great comidy to Rurouni Kenshin.
Originaly, Misao was a combination of Yahiko and Kaoru. Misao was created to fill in the lead female spot when Kaoru left (actually, Kenshin left, if you get what I'm saying.) and to lighten up a darkining plot line. She does act like Yahiko's little evil twin a lot, but for me Kaoru can act more mature while not as good as a leader as Misao.

Poor Kaoru's head got cut off in the making of this picutre!

Pictures of Misao!!!

Gasp! Kaoru dosen't like Marshamallows?!?!?


Lalalala...So innocent...yeah right she's smilling cause she's thinking about kicking butt, right?

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