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Atsukte Tsuraii
Main Characters

A spot where you can learn about main characters.


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I'm the only one with a picture cause Misao's an idiot.

Name: Kenshin Himura, Shinta
Nicknames: Hitokiri Battousai, Bunny, Ken-San, insolent pupil
Shinta was a little boy with no parents when three girls, Kasumi, Akane, and Sakura found him. They became friends and Shinta decided to proctect them. The next day they were attacked and the girls were slaughtered, and Seijuro Hiko was the one who saved Shinta just before he too was killed. Seijuro taught him Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu, and gave him the new name Kenshin.
Kenshin is a really nice, almost fruity guy that lives to protect people. He is in love with Kaoru, but is too shy to say it. He is a very good cook and is "Kaoru's personal slave" (quoted by Yahiko).
"I don't understand! People are suffering before my eyes! They're in misery! I can't leave them as they are, no matter what the reason!">Kenshin to Seijuro, age 14

Name: Kaoru Kamiya
Nicknames: Raccoon girl, Kaoru-san, ugly, Jo-Chan
Kaoru was just a lonely girl with no good friends before she met Kenshin. Kenshin quickly became her best friend and love interest. Kaoru is the teacher of Kamiya Kassin Ryu, and owns the Kamiya Dojo.
Kaoru is a very abusive girl and beats up Kenshin more than often. Even so, she cares a lot for her friends and looks after Ayame, Suzume, Yahiko, and even sometimes Misao. She is the one of the few who can actually hit Sanosuke and get away with it.
"I'm not so different. It's just that when I take off my ribbons and put on my fighting gear, I'm neither a man nor a woman. I prepare myself for battle as an ordinary swordsman.">Kaoru to Kamatari

Name: Yahiko Myojin
Yahiko is was a bratty pickpocket before Kaoru and Kenshin saved him. Now he lives in the Kamiya Dojo learning Kamiya Kassin Ryu, with Kaoru as his teacher, and he has a brother-sister relationship with her.
Yahiko isn't very strong physically, but he shure is mentally. He beat one of the Ju-Pon Gatana by himself, remember?
"I want to be strong. Strong so I don't need anyone's help... so I can defend the honor of my parents myself.">Yahiko to Kenshin

Name: Sanosuke Sagara
Nicknames: Chicken-boy, Sano
Sanosuke is an ex-gangster that joined the Sekihou-Tai when he was a little boy and fell in love with his Boss, Sagara. The government killed his boss so therefore he hates the new government with a passion.
Sanosuke is someone who gets beat up but always comes back even stronger than he was before. Saitoh is more or less his mentor, and Sanosuke is always looking for new ways to fight. He says he hates Megumi...well, ya right.
"You preached equality, but you drowned in greed and acted like you owned the whole damn world! Don't tell me about the Ishin Shishi, who gave us the lie of a new age!">Sano to Kenshin

Name: Megumi Takani
Nicknames: Fox, Foxy, Megumi-san
Megumi is a very good doctor who used to be forced to make Opium for Kanryu. Fortunately, she was saved by Kenshin and now works as Dr. Genzai's assistant.
Megumi is one of the older woman (But not the oldest!) of Rurouni Kenshin, thats a main character. She is like an older sister to Kaoru, and Megumi seems kinda cold-hearted to people sometimes, but she is really a caring person.
"Painful life...or a peaceful death?">Megumi

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