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Atsukte Tsuraii
Aoshi's Page

This page is dedicated to Aoshi-Sama...


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Name: Aoshi Shinomori
Nicknames: Aoshi-sama, Strongest Man(Well, did he every really offically get this? Well, he should ^_^x)
Age: 26
Birthday: January 1853
Weapons: Two Kodachi, Kaiten Kenbu(waterflow know, the one where there are enough Aoshi-Sama's to go around!)
Aoshi is very tall and shows no emotions, or if any, very little. After the Kanryu episode, Aoshi kinda went insane and joined forces with ShiShio...then he really was an insane "demon". Kenshin then knocked some sense into him and Aoshi went back to normal.
He is very much obsessed in being the strongest, but went around saying that he wanted it for the Oniwabanshu, but his goal and thinking went out of wack. He was very content on killing Himura Battousai. Personally, I could care less if he was weaker than Ayame and Suzume. He's very...cute...*ahem*^_^ Like Aoshi would want to hear that!

Now, octupus, you DIE! hehehe!

Pictures of Aoshi-Sama

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